Differences Between Rat Control Programs in Sydney, Australia

rat control sydney

For anyone residing in or around Sydney, it’s quite obvious that you are interested in rat control. The most prominent and famous rat control service in Sydney is Rat Watch, which has been operating since 1950. They’ve monitored the rat population of the Sydney Harbor for over 60 years and have seen no signs of improvement in their work ethic. This company relies on volunteers from the community to report any rat activity, and they actively look for signs of infestation so that they can do their part to protect the Sydney Harbor and its citizens.

While Rat Watch in Sydney may seem similar to other rat control programs around the country, there are some notable differences between them. Most of the rat control programs in the US focus on spring and fall. However, Sydney has a wet and rainy season throughout the year, making it particularly difficult to get rid of rats. Even though the rain does help, many residents still opt to call a rat control professional to do the job for them. Some of these professional rat eradication services go as far as hiring guards to monitor the rat population at night, ensuring that no one crosses the lines.

In addition to monitoring the rat population in the Sydney Harbor, many rat control professionals have a specific area that is zoned for them to go and trap rats. These areas are meticulously studied by rat control experts so that they can best protect the city. Rat control experts also use various methods in order to drive the rats away, such as poison bait, traps, and poisoning food. Any of these methods are preferable to using violence to get rid of rats, and the rat control Sydney team makes sure that they follow all measures in good faith.

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