Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDC)

Our early education facility in Robina offers a wide variety of educational services for babies and toddlers. “Robina Center” is now fully equipped with a fully equipped early education centre. We also provide Early Childhood Development Centres at our centres. The mission of our Early Education Centers is to empower the parents to take care of their child’s early years, and give them an education that will prepare them for kindergarten. The Centre was opened in 1992 and is fully equipped to cater to our students’ needs.

“Our beautiful Robina Center is situated in investigator Dr, offering easy access from all parts of the city to the hospital, train and the Children’s hospital. Fully renovated is our main aim built, air conditioned, 7 room Early Education Center. It offers a spacious classroom, music and art rooms, laboratories and other services. Services include Early Childhood Development Centres, Career Based Training, Health Care Services for the Mentally and Physically challenged, Early Language Development, Preschool/ nursery services and Early School Services for the Kindergarten Children. This centre provides services such as school programs, tutor teaching, ESL classes, summer camp programs, kindergarten Early Childhood Learning Programs, Tutor training and Special needs education.

The centre is open all days, throughout the year. If you are looking to enroll your children here, fill up the application form online, and we will get in touch with you soon. In the meantime, if you need any further information or details, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The staffs are very friendly and there is nothing better than being able to talk to people face to face. This is why our centres are a choice for education for the children with special needs and disabilities.

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